Fae, Humans, Steampunk, and…..MURDER!!

                During this time of quarantine there has been one thing that has plagued most of us at one point or another, what am I going to do with my time. With job hours cut, working from home, or being essential and having nothing to do after work many of us have had extra time to catch up on shows we are huge fans of. For myself, this meant trying to catch up on Anime in my watch list, while also handling all my teacher business. Unfortunately, my wife did not feel the same way and did not want to binge watch anime with subtitles. :’( So I was on the hunt to find us a show we could enjoy together.

                I scrolled through Amazon Prime’s Original shows, I had watched the Boyz and really enjoyed it, so figured there was more untapped potential. As I was scrolling, I came across a show called Carnival Row starring Orlando Bloom. My wife is a fan of his so I figured I would give the show a shot and watched the first episode. I was immediately hooked and thought she would enjoy it as well. We watched it together and decided that we would finish the season, and we were not disappointed.

                Carnival Row is a story about a series of murders happening in a place called the Burge. You discover that the Burge fought a war against another group called the Pact, over the hidden world of the Fae (Pixies, Pucks, etc.). You are introduced to Rylo Philostrate (played by Bloom), an inspector for the Burge who is investigating a series of Fae murders. You also meet Vignette Stonemoss, a pix sparrow hawk who is trying to help save other Fae by getting them to the Burge on ships. In addition to these two storylines there is a political intrigue dealing with the Chancellor of the Burge and his son, who happens to enjoy frequenting pix establishments of ill repute. Oh yea, there is fae/human loving in this show. There is also a storyline involving rich spoiled humans and what happens to them when a Puck (Satyr) moves onto their block because he too is very rich.

                If the storylines have not pulled you in the setting might. It takes place during the turn of the century (technically they have their own calendar, but this makes it easier to follow), and has a steampunk feel towards it. In fact, many sites categorize it as steampunk. I use turn of the century because it gives that feel. As if the show is a commentary on New York during the late 1800s.

                Carnival Row was released around August 2019. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new show to watch but doesn’t want to have to watch five hundred episodes or read three books just to understand the lore. It is an eight-episode series found on Amazon Prime Video, and there is talk of a second season. Reports I read, as recent as April, claim that they may be trying for a release around August like last year. However, no word has been released yet, and I’m certain there will be delays due to the COVID-19 crisis we have all experienced. Like I said, if you are looking for a thrilling story involving humans, fae, and murder, all set in a steampunk world, give Carnival Row a look. Disclaimer: It is definitely not for younger children as there are several graphic scenes of the murders, violence, and sex throughout the show. Probably save this one for when the kids are in bed and mom and dad are relaxing.

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