Dungeons and Dragons: Character Sunsets

Today marked the end of a three year long Dungeons and Dragons campaign. This campaign marked my first real try at a long time game in my Dungeon Master’s self made world. In this last session, the party went in thinking we were going to have an epic level 20 fight against an ancient brine dragon and all of his minions. However, we managed to befriend the dragon instead, convincing him to join our adventuring party instead to help him find a new home that did not interrupt shipping lanes and cause raiding on the coast by his unruly minions. Now, some of this will be resolved at a later date, but it was definitely not the ending any of us were expecting. Neutral Dragons, am I right?

However, it was not the center of my day. Today, I realized I would have to say goodbye to a character that had been with me since the very beginning of the campaign. For a bit of background, let me tell you about my character. I played Morn “Crush” Astario, a water genasi from a seafaring continent. I started as a cleric, a ships chaplain to be precise. However after an interesting series of events, out of game and the death of my character in game, I ended up becoming a Paladin of my deity. We cycled through a lot of party members, but Morn and I were the only constant in the game.

We fought many a battle together, including his death at the hand of the drow elves we had tracked to a cave system. We saw other friends fall and rise again, many allies that left to go off on their own journeys, and felt the frustration of our failures. We rescued Kingdoms, reclaimed the temple of my God after it had been lost for centuries, and found the rare treasures buried within it. We fought dragons, lichs, rode giant crabs, and even loved. Somehow we got changed into a half-orc ArchPaladin. Friend. Franchise owner of the Dead Bard Society, L.L.C.

However, today hurt a lot more than I though it ever would. I had to say goodbye to Crush for what will more than likely be the last time. I am not one to just build characters then reuse them in other games. He had a purpose, and he reached it. Now he has a new purpose, and only time, the D.M., and the dice will decide what happens to him. I had all these wonderful ideas of what he would do and what would happen to him. When we play in the next campaign, I hope to see some wonderful things he has accomplished. But, I still don’t know how to say goodbye. It’s like seeing a friend drive away, not being sure if you will ever see or hear from them again. A piece of my heart goes with him, as our adventures come to an end, I will celebrate his life (well, life, death, and revival) and watch him ride into the sunset.

How do you say goodbye to your characters? Do you prefer them to ride peacefully into the sunset? Achieve their wildest dreams? Or do you prefer they go out in a blaze of glory? Comment here and let us know on our twitter!

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