Sephiroth is Back!

**Warning! This article contains spoilers for the original Final Fantasy 7 game. Some of these may also appear in the new game. You have been warned.**

The year was 1997 and Sony had released a new game on its Playstation system that would shake the world and become many people’s favorite game of all time, Final Fantasy VII. The epic tale of a group of eco-terrorists known as AVALANCHE and their teaming up with ex-SOLDIER Cloud Strife to overthrow the Shinra Energy Co. has become well known and used throughout gaming history. The characters have become iconic, making appearances in most if not all the Final Fantasy mobile and spin-off games as well as Kingdom Hearts. Cid, the airship pilot appears in most Final Fantasy games as well.

For the last several years, there have been rumors about a Final Fantasy VII remaster in the works at Square Enix. This has thrilled fans but also caused some worries. The biggest worry was when are we going to see anything on this! According to Sal Romano on the game reached full development stage by 2015. Now, this past month, we have received our first look at potential gameplay scenes. Here is the link to the preview for it.

If you hadn’t guessed already, the rest of this article will give my opinions of what was shown and what I hope to see as well. This is where the serious spoilers will start by the way.

So the state of play trailer which is listed above shows us some great shots. It seems to follow the original gameplay opening somewhat. You see Aerith walking on the streets with her basket of flowers checking things out, and then the action begins. The Shinra soldiers actually look like people and not only robots, so that is definitely a plus.

The trailer also gives us a look at the characters you meet from the first part of the game. Cloud Barrett and Aerith are prominently shown throughout. I am personally excited to see what they have done with Barrett. In the original game he would curse in almost every other speech block. To keep the rating down they may have to change what he said. However, I love the idea of giving him dark sunglasses. It gives him more of the tough guy image that he had in the original. I’m also looking forward to seeing more of the interactions with Jesse, Wedge, and Biggs. The trailer gives you a clip of a flirty Jesse telling you “Have Fun” with the mission.

You see scenes fighting the familiar bosses from the first part of Final Fantasy 7 as well. The Scorpion Tank and the large sewer creature you encounter after Don Corneo both make appearances. It looks like they are going to keep the timed escape from setting the bombs to blow up the MAKO reactor as well.

There were two things that I was questioning when I watched this trailer. First, is why they did not show what Tifa is looking like so far. If you watch carefully, or know the gameplay, you see scenes where you should see her for certain. However, she does not make an appearance in the trailer. As great as it was to see Jesse and that crew, I would have much preferred to see Tifa. However, I do feel they make up for it by teasing Sephiroth, he shows up towards the end.

The other thing is the gameplay itself. The original Final Fantasy 7 was turn based, and kept a meter on the bottom of the screen to show how long before each character’s next turn. This one however, seems to be going more the route of the recent Final Fantasy games. I can say that I only have FFXIII to go off of, but the others seem similar. It is more of a real time gameplay, similar to what Kingdom Hearts gave us. You can see commands in the bottom left corner during the trailer that give an idea. My question is, will you play as one character, or switch back and forth between your party of three?

The trailer brought up many more questions, which hopefully in June we will get more answers to. The trailer does tease us and tell us that June will reveal more. However, simply by going off of this one trailer and the press releases that have dropped before and after it, I can honestly say that this is going to be an awesome remake to a game. Even if the rumors of them releasing it in parts are true, I am okay with that. The game looks pretty and I have high hopes for it.

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