Keeping My Board Game OCD in Check

I don’t often buy accessories for board games that aren’t actual expansions that provide new gameplay, but every once in a while, an accessory comes along that is a must have. In this case, organizers for a few games that needed it. I recently purchased Dinosaur Island and Gloomhaven; two very big games with lots of components and little to no storage solutions once you punch everything out. I knew I didn’t want to punch these two out until I had some level of box organization. That’s where Meeple Realty came to the rescue.

I searched a little and found that Meeple Realty had a couple of quality organization inserts for both of the games in question at a budget friendly price. I had never purchased an insert like this before, but I knew what to expect, having researched them for other games in my collection but never committing to buying one. The website said the items were on back-order and might take up to two weeks to be shipped. I was fine with this prospect of waiting, but that time frame was going to be a bit close. I had to punch Dinosaur Island for our next recording session for Of Dice & Meeples. I went ahead and purchased both inserts, figuring it would be at least a week before I heard any updates. Not so.

Meeple Realty reached out to confirm the address I gave them and had them shipped the next day! Fast-forward 3 days and both inserts were in my possession. I opened the Dinosaur Island one first and began to assemble it. The pieces punched from the frames easily and went together exactly as intended. I didn’t use any tools, but could have benefited from a rubber mallet as suggested in the instructions. Also, I decided to forego the wood glue. All of the insert’s pieces went together as expected with a nice, tight fit.

Assembly of the Gloomhaven insert went just as smoothly, but took a considerably longer amount of time due to its size.

Next came getting the games punched and organized into the inserts, then putting the inserts into their respective boxes. To my excitement, they fit perfectly! Also, the inserts help with game setup and tear-down! Dinosaur Island takes just minutes to get on the table now. It’s amazing! Also, Gloomhaven doesn’t feel so daunting in a well-organized fashion! So if your games need a little organization, or your OCD goes off like mine every time you open some of your game boxes, give Meeple Realty a look! They just might have the organizer you need! As of writing this, I’m considering a couple more of their options!

Overall Rating – 5 out of 5

The whole Dinosaur Island insert! It fits all 3 versions of the game!

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