You Built Raptors?

Recently, I was on Spring Break from work and decided it would be a good time to play a new game. I did not want something new to cut my teeth on, or a game to grind away on to level up. I wanted something simple and fun. A game I could share with my son. Luckily, I found just what I was looking for, Lego Jurassic World.

If you have never played any of the Lego series of games, you should go and fix that problem immediately. They may not be battle royale or have any kind of blood and guts in them, but they are some of the most fun games I have ever played. The premise is simple, they take a franchise (movie, comic, etc.) and build it out of lego bricks. Jurassic World adds one of the greatest elements I have ever seen in the Lego franchise though, Dinosaurs (or Taurs as my two year old calls them).

When the Lego games first came out there was no dialogue, which in my opinion added more to the games. You had a bunch of little lego guys and girls grunting and motioning to communicate with each other. It is pretty funny to watch Star Wars without the actual words. To help things out the cut scenes would add goofy themes throughout the games, in Jurassic World it was pork. There were pigs and sausage everywhere. Over time the games did add in dialogue, and as much as I enjoy hearing voice actors like Travis Willingham as Lego Thor, I find that I miss the old versions without dialogue. Lego Jurassic World made me rethink that idea though. They took the actual dialogue from the movies and played it over the animation.

Jurassic Park is an amazing movie and seeing it built up in lego form made it even better for me. Even though it took forever to complete one hundred percent because it took forever to get two different dinosaurs that seemed to be necessary to complete anything…but I’m not bitter about it. The game is definitely worth getting, if only to walk around every level and area as everyone’s favorite animated dinosaur teacher, Mr. DNA.

Overall Score: 9/10

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