Keyblades and Story Lines: A Kingdom Hearts 3 Review

I recently finished Kingdom Hearts 3, and boy oh boy do I have some things I want to say. Granted, these are not necessarily “bad,” so to speak. But, before moving forward, know that this is definitely SPOILER territory, so don’t say I didn’t warn you. Have I mentioned there are spoilers (probably, maybe)? Still here? Good, let’s dive in.


Beautiful, smooth, fluid. These are all things I would use to describe the game play. The graphics and world were beautiful. I also enjoyed the addition of the open world travel system in the gummiship. The gummiphone I could have done without, but that’s just me being old and crotchety (I mean I am 32 after all). But overall the game play was beautiful. My only gripe was the combat. While I enjoyed the attraction actions, it really watered down the combat and made it a little too easy. I played on proud mode, and I still think I only died about three times the entire game. The summons were lacking in my opinion (I think I used those about the same amount of times I died). Don’t even get me started on the rage form. On the flip side, the magic system was still good. I really enjoyed the limit abilities, slowing down for powerful ranged attacks based on the keyblade. I also really, really like the special abilities of the keyblades, called form changes, and how they were unique to each one. But, I would have loved for the combat system from Kingdom Hearts 2 to come back. It was by far my favorite, changing forms depending on play style and leveling them up by completely different tasks. Overall, I give the game play a 8/10. I mean, I just want to dual-wield some keyblades, yo.


Overall, the story of Kingdom Hearts has been a very long, complicated roller coaster from where it started. Starting as a young child hero setting out to save his friends, then the world by extent, to a Keyblade Master, the journey was never a straight line. The story gets even more convoluted when you mix in Chain of Memories, Birth By Sleep, Dream Drop Distance, and the mobile game. So by the time we get to KH3, there are a ton of different things going on. I was confused for a good amount of the story, I am not even going to lie. I didn’t play all the games, but I did watch plenty of YouTube videos to make sure I was fully caught up on everything. I still didn’t understand the replicas, and how Master Xenahort and his various states of being were able to bring everyone back from the past, and how they all tied together. However, I was able to follow the majority of it. Overall, the game did a good job of wrapping up every story line before setting up even more stories. However, it once again left me confused and wanting. I did not get the closure I wanted from Sora and Kairi’s relationship, as it seemed he had not returned from finding her yet even though all of the others had their happy ending. While the ending was good….it just wasn’t as satisfying as I wanted to to be. Overall, I have the story 7/10, even with the setup for either Kingdom Hearts 4 or some other future Square Enix game. I was also disappointed in the absences of the Final Fantasy cast, and hope they were being saved for the next game.

Overall, I really enjoyed the game and loved to be able to play Sora and experience the superbly over-complicated story line. I waited ten years for this game, and while it wasn’t exactly what I wanted, it was still an overall amazing game. I am not going to bring the hammer down on this one, but if someone doesn’t give me some daggum dual-wield keyblades, I am going to use the real one I have to boop someone on the head. I look forward to more adventures in the Kingdom Hearts universe. Let me know what you thought about the game in the comments below, and I look forward to hearing from you!


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