Oath of the Tempest: A 5e Homebrew

When we started our current campaign, a player of mine wanted a good-aligned tempest deity for his cleric. I obliged, but then several months into the campaign, his character died to a Yochlol summoned by a Drow priestess. The player and I spoke about resurrection in game, and whether or not he wanted to take that route. He surprised me. He said, “I’d like to be resurrected, but as a paladin.”

I said “okay, let me think on it.”

I spent a couple of days figuring out how a tempest cleric could become a paladin. There were no real paladin oaths that bridged that gap, but then I discovered a mini in my collection. Specifically, Pathfinder’s Torrent Hellknight. It’s a cool little mini, if you haven’t seen it. Google it… I’ll wait.

It sparked an idea in me. A paladin oath guided by the chaotic storms of the sea. It took a few days to compile, but I had something I felt was workable. So, I showed it to my player. He loved it.

The next session, the party managed to carry his lifeless body to a temple of Heironeous, where they paid for a resurrection ritual to be performed. His cleric was brought back to life and given a new calling. A paladin beholden to two deities and a new oath. An oath born of chaos and justice.

He’s still playing that paladin in our IRL campaign. It’s taken some balancing of a few things, but it has worked well. So, with limited play-testing, we want to present it to you, our readers, to use in your games (with your DM’s permission, of course).

Let us know what you think, and how it works out for you! We haven’t balanced the level 20 ability yet, so if you beat us there, please tell us how it goes!

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