A Journey of the (Kingdom) Heart

With the release of Kingdom Heart 3 coming soon, I decided it was time to sit down and relive the adventure I began back in 2002 with the release of Kingdom Hearts. I pride myself on how eclectic my game taste is, and Kingdom Hearts tickles a lot of the gaming itches that I have. These include simple hack and slash combat, magic, RPG leveling, crafting, and most importantly incredible story telling. Finally, before we begin, SPOILER ALERT! If you have not played the Kingdom Hearts games, be warned.

Again, I began my journey in Kingdom Hearts back in 2002 with the original release of the game. Of course, I have been playing the 1.5 remix, so it’s not exactly the same. However, I began to feel frustrated at the beginning of the game because the combat was not a fluid as I remembered. I pressed through, and FINALLY escaped the Destiny Islands. I began to level up, and the combat started to feel somewhat fluid again. I had to keep reminding myself the game was over 16 years old. I struggled through the game, eventually completing the story. The story made sense to me. Sora defeated Maleficent and the Heartless, saved the girl in dramatic fashion, and presumably saved all the worlds in the universe. However, things were not undone. There were still Heartless everywhere, and I still couldn’t make myself push to get the Ultima key or to defeat Sephiroth. But I loved reliving every moment.

I never played the handheld versions of the game, so I watched the movie for Chain of Memories. Then I got to what I really wanted, Kingdom Hearts 2. Of both games, this was my absolute favorite. The combat was smooth, the abilities were great and there was so much customization, and the graphics improvement was amazing. I really loved the drive system, and how it unlocked as you played through the game. I still refused to build my own gummi-ship, because I still can’t figure out how to make it work. The graphics were beautiful, and it brought the characters back together in a creative and interesting way. Once again, the Nobodies were defeated, and Sora was able to return back home with his friends. the 2.5 version added some extra fun things to do, including a new, super hard area that was actually challenging for once.

Then I got to the secret ending. I saw the beginning of Birth By Sleep and screamed like a little girl. This looked AMAZING. I was highly confused about what was going on, even though it would eventually be explained to me. WHY are all the keyblades there? Who are all these new people and what happened to them? Why aren’t there more keyblade wielders and masters? MOAR! Then I started playing the game and keep having to tell myself it was made for mobile. The combat stinks, while the story is very interesting. My biggest question was why Ventus looked JUST like Roxas. Apparently, his heart merged with Sora’s, and Ventus managed to influence what Sora’s Nobody looked like. After the events that unfold in Birth By Sleep, I became super confused about everything (probably just me), but I do know Dream Drop Distance helps shore up some things. I am not even going to pretend to know what happens in 3D, because I have not had time to play it.

Now, we are on the verge of the Kingdom Hearts 3 release. Worlds have been shown, with some returning worlds and characters, and some brand new. I expect the combat to be fluid, and the graphics look good in some trailers (except the Amazon one, it doesn’t count I hope). I have high hopes for where this story goes, as this is the finale of the series. I have been waiting YEARS for this game, and I haven’t been this excited for a long time. I will definitely writing a review article for it once I am done playing. Let me know in the comments about your most memorable moments from the Kingdom Hearts series, and what you want from Kingdom Hearts 3!

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