A little bit of “ALL THE THINGS” – Getting to Know Brigham

Hello, Friend. I hope you are well. As for me, I’m “Short, Fat and Happy!” That is one of my many catchphrases, don’t steal it.  My name is Brigham and I am into a lot of stuff. Gaming is just one of the many things I enjoy doing, but we can start there.

I started gaming at the ripe age of 8. Nintendo had made big waves with the release of their 8-bit gaming platform and R.B.I. Baseball had just come out… Yes, I’m that old. I can remember the first time I played, sitting there, eating Doritos and getting the controller as gross as can be.

Gaming has been a passion of mine since I donned that Dorito laden controller. While the controller shapes and buttons have changed, the sweet and salty taste of Doritos and gaming has stuck with me ever nonetheless. Well, not so much the Doritos, but the gaming.

When I was young I was also into sports. I played just about every sport that didn’t involve a lot of running. That probably explains the gamer tag that I have had for the last 15 plus years; Smiting Fatty. Under this moniker, I have shout-casted at professional gaming events, streamed game-play, appeared in talk shows, written articles, published videos, done interviews, and had a whole heap of fun.

Dungeons and Dragons has been a new love that has entered my life within the last 2 and a half years. My friend, and GuildMaster Media contributor, Crush is the one who got me started in “The Game With Endless Stories” (yeah, I made that up). Crush’s friend, Cadenhead, was starting up an online game and they invited me. Cadenhead is the founder of GuildMaster Media if you did not know. Ever since I rolled my Barbarian Dwarf lycanthrope, of the bear persuasion, named Thrail, I have been in love with D&D and the stories told by my Dungeon Masters.

My family and I love to play games together as well. We currently really love Munchkin and will go old school with Yahtzee fairly often. We also enjoy a lot of camping. My son and I just started a YouTube channel dedicated to hunting coyotes, which we aren’t very successful at, but we still have a lot of fun doing it.

You can catch me on Twitter with @SmitingBK, on Instagram @BrighamKindell, and writing here on GuildMaster Media. Feel free to send me info on anything gaming related that you would like me to cover and I will do my best to comply.

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